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Communicate the stoke

Kiteboarding is a solo sport, but with the Apple Watch (eSim) it is now possible to share the stoke on the water – right when it happens.
a worLd'S first innovation by the Surfr. team

Chat with your Friends!

We all have done it. Screaming and waving to get the attention of that one friend you’re out with on the water. Maybe you lost your board or you just want to head home. Or you are just super stoked and want your friends to know about the trick that you’ve just landed.

Surfr. is the first app to bring live communication to the Apple Watch to be used in outdoor watersports.

After a simple press of a button on your watch you will be able to record a 5-second (maximum) spoken message.
Leveraging AI, Surfr. will then proceed to translate your audio into text and send it to your friends that are LIVE on Surfr. and around you on the water.

How awesome is that!?​

As easy as 1-2-3

Get started in just a few steps

Step 1: Get Connected

This chat feature will require internet connectivity on your watch. The best way is to obtain an eSim for your watch if supported by your watch and your telecom provider. In most countries you can initiate this process via the iPhone / Watch App / Mobile service. Contact your telecom provider for more information.

If you want to try out the feature quickly or your watch does not support eSim, you always have the option to bring your iPhone to the water. Your watch will than use the internet connectivity from your phone. ​

Step 2: Enable the Chat Feature

Go to the Settings of the Surfr. App on your Apple Watch and toggle on “Chat features” . Here you can enable the chat, and select the language of your preference. You can also select the desired audio that you want to be played on arriving messages.

More languages will be added soon!​

Step 3: Send your Message

After you start your session on the app you can now press the Action Button (Apple Watch Ultra) or the Crown + Side Button (Apple Watch) to record your message.
Wait 3 seconds and then speak your message out loud, close to the microphone.

Give us a little bit of time to detect the spoken text in your recording and we will make sure it gets delivered to your friends in text message!​

What do you think? Isn't it about "time" to give it a shot?