Trusted by BIg Air Kite League, GKA and more

Let's talk Big-Air

Surfr is about Pure Big-Air. So organizing and supporting competitions makes total sense to us. We are sponsor and partner of the Big Air Kite League as well as Partner for the GKA Big Air World Championships. But you can organize your next event with Surfr too.

Flexible formats

From Pure-Big Air competitions solely based on the Surfr app to enriching an existing competition with cool statistics, we got you covered.

Unmute your livestream

Imagine watching Formula 1 without any of the data. That would be quite boring right? Surfr is bringing incredible live statistics of riders, heats, leaderboard and more to your live stream.

To the moon!

Moonshot and Moonshot PRO are our own organized competitions. The idea? Boost as high as you can. Only the Surfr app will judge the heights and determine the winner.

Trusted & Proven

With over 10 professional competitions executed / supported in just the last year we have proven to be the go-to solution for competitions.

They love it

Not a single rider (out of hundreds) had issues wearing a phone during a competition to track their performance.

Your turn!

Want to organize a competition and get Surfr involved? Don't hesitate to reach out and explore the options.

A flexible platform that can do it all

Surfr has a flexible approach and platform to facilitate or support competitions. There are a lot of different formats possible, from a 100% Surfr based competition (Pure Big-Air) to a supporting role in existing competitions. This approach made us the leading & go-to solution for any competition around the world.​

Pure Big-Air

Thanks to the technology we can facilitate pure Big-Air competitions. This means formats that are solely judged (automatically) by the Surfr app. Let your competitors battle it out in heats or all together at once, and define the metrics that you will select the winners on. This can be the highest jump but also other metrics (highest average jumper, fastest rider, most distance covered, and so on)

Supporting existing competitions

Elevate your competition to the next level by involving Surfr. This will bring objective and accurate measurements about the performance of the riders.

We have a team that can support your competition on-side including bringing relevant hardware so the riders, and the organizers have nothing to worry about.

Unmute your livestream

Statistics is like audio. It communicates information and viewers and commentators love it. ​
Live on-stream widget

Jump. Land. Show.

Within seconds after the riders lands the jump the statistics will appear directly into the live-stream. The widget is fully customizable to your corporate style. Besides the widget we can also provide overlays with live leaderboard of your preferred metric(s).​
Data heaven

Statistics per rider/ heat

New to our services are our live data services per heat and per rider. Perfect statistics that can be pulled in during heat breaks to analyze the heat and the riders.​
Moonshot: the biggest pure big-air competition

Surfr Moonshot 2021

Our first ever Moonshot. With 100 riders battling it out on the water it was a huge success and definitely tastes like more.

The industry standard

With being involved in more than 10 big events over the course of the last 2 years we have become the industry standard for providing live metrics and statistics to competitions. Here are some of our most recent ones.​

Organizers, commentators, riders are loving it!


Get an exciting live stream

Being able to communicate the metrics in real time to the viewers makes for an extremely exciting live stream. Kiteboarding events streamed live become much more interactive when the audience has this understanding of what the riders are doing on the water​

Lewis Crathern, BAKL Commentator


Surfr. is just on it!

You don’t even notice that you carry a device with you that accurately measures all metrics of your jumps. Everything is on your phone that’s secured in a waterproof pouch and tucked away in your wetsuit. It’s easy, comfortable and accurate!​

Giel Vlugt, Professional Big air kiteboarder


Formula 1 meets kite boarding

The Surfr App enables us to share accurate, realtime data with our spectators and they love it! It’s like the tech from Formula 1 meets kite boarding. Unbelievable.​

Mike mac donald, founder BIG AIR KITE LEAGUE