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Event/competitions with Surfr

Your about to participate in a event where Surfr is used. On this page we inform you what you need to do to in order to make sure your sessions are visible on the right leaderboards.

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In Surfr we use a the 'spot' concept for events as well. A 'spot' is pretty similar to an event: is has sessions & leaderboards. So don't get yourself confused, whenever we refer to 'spot' you can also interpret this as event.

As an example we will take an typical Surfr boost-off event: in this example event - let's name it Surfr Moonshot - we have 2 divisions, 1 for people jumping lower than 10 meter and a PRO division for people jumping higher than 10 meter. The format is simple, both divisions have 20 participants and they go out on the water for 30 minutes. Who ever make the highest jump will win fame and glory. In this example the organisation will prepare, together with Surfr, 2 'spots'/'events'.
- for the Amateur division: "Surfr Moonshot Amateur"
- for the PRO division: "Surfr Moonshot PRO"

Off course, the names and the amount of divisions it solely up to the organisation to decide and can differ for the event that you participate in.

In most cases the organisation will communicate you the name 'event' / 'division'. In the next steps we will show you how you can make sure that you are participating in the assigned division.

In the context of this example let's say that we have a rider named Jan, participiacting in the Surfr Moonshot Amateur. In the next steps we will show what Jan needs to do and where Jan can find relevant information.

Step 1) Go to the Surfr App / Record

Open the Surfr app, go to the Record Screen. On top of the record screen you will notice a field that indicates the kitespot (see the highlighted area in the photo). Click on this spot / the pencil. A screen will open where you will be able to set a custom spot. Type the name of the division that is assigned to your. In case of the example this would be "Surfr Moonshot Amateur". Select the division, and after it is set press the back button.

Step 2) Confirm

After you pressed the back button you are now back in the Record screen. Confirm that you now see the division as the kitespot. This means that when you will start recording from here, your data will be linked to this spot/division.

Step 3) Compete and follow the results

Because all the results are now linked to a 'spot' you can easily find all the sessions and leaderboards for the event. Just go to Surfr Discover, select 'Search for Spot' and type the name of your division. In this case we still use 'Surfr Moonshot Amateur'. Open the spot in Discover and find your way to all the sessions of your fellow competitors, leaderboards and more. Once the event is over, you can remove the selected kitespot/division from the Record screen.

Step 4) Don't lose the watch

Very important: The standard wrist bands are most of the times not sufficient for kiteboarding. It will be a matter of time before the watch slips off. Please secure the wrist band with and extra rope or buy a kite boarding proof wrist band in the Surfr Webshop.

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