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Mount status

The SURFR. mount

We have received a lot of questions about the mount, most of them about when the mounts will be available to order (currently the mount can only be pre-ordered) and when the mounts will be shipped. This page will provide you with the latest details regarding the status and will be regularly updated. Below the status table there is some background information on what happened with the first mounting solution and why we decided to manufacture our own Surfr. mount.

Last updated on 09 August 2020: first mounts (which need to be validated/tested before production) have unfortunately not yet arrived so we’re experiencing a delay at the moment. We’re very much hoping for the mounts to arrive this week.

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Phase 1: designing the Surfr. mount. Based on our experiences with the first mount we had a brainstorm and we came up with some major improvements on the first mount. The first mount was not perfectly waterproof and we figured that the main issue was the lack of clips on the side. As for the new mount: a solid mount with 4 clips and small rubbers to fixate almost any phone. Completed!
Phase 2: validating the design by printing a 3D protoype. After the design was finished a 3D prototype was printed. The main test was to validate if the idea of the 8 fixation knobs really worked. It turned out it did. When the mount was closed and shaked with high force the phone stayed in place. Completed!
Phase 3: creating the technical designs for the molds. The designs that came from phase 1 are now being translated into technical designs which can be used to control the machines that will mill the molds out of steel. It turned out we need quite some molds for the design. The main molds being for the top part, the bottom part, the clips and the O-ring. Completed!
Phase 4a: Milling the molds. This is the longest phase in the whole process, the phase we’re currently in. In this phase the molds are milled out of blocks of steel. On the right you can see a photo of one of the first molds, the mold for the clips. In progress – expected to finish end July
Phase 4b: Ordering / payments / webshop. Somewhere in July the webshop will go live and it will be possible to order the mount and pay for it. Completed! (watch socials for update)
Phase 5: Producing the first mount. According to our latest information we can expect the first mount to be produced at the end of July. If will be shipped with Fedex Express in a few days to the Netherlands where we will validate and test this first samples. Completed! On it’s way to the Netherlands!
Phase 6: Test the mount / discuss refinements / complete the molds. We anticipate at least one ‘iteration’ of feedback, but this might be more iterations if needed. Things like: the clips should be a little bit tighter, the O-ring should be a bit smaller, etc. Also we will do some severe testing when it comes to being waterproof. We will repeat this ‘refinement’ process as long as needed, untill the mount is perfect. For a relative simple product such as the Surfr. mount it should be possible to need only one round of refinement. Week 1-2 August

7 August: Delayed: mounts have not arrived in Netherlands yet

Phase 7: Start (mass) production. As soon as we give the green light based on the outcome of phase 6 the mass production can start. It only takes a few minutes to produce a mount at this point so hundreds of mount can be produced each day. Week 2-3 August
Phase 8: Shipment from factory to the Netherlands. The first 500 mounts will be shipped with air freight to the Netherlands. This is expensive but saves a lot of time. These mounts will be shipped to the first 500 people that believed in Surfr. and pre-ordered the mount in the early days. That is everybody that has pre-ordered before 05 June 2020. The rest of the first series will ship by train and train shipment can take up to 2 weeks extra. We will avoid using boat shipment, although that’s the cheapest solution it can take up to 6 weeks. End of week 3 of August
Phase 9: Packaging and shipping to you! Finally at this point we will ship the mounts to you. If you are among the first 500 of pre-orders we expect to ship the mount to you in the third week of august. If you have ordered after 05 June 2020 then the mount will most likely leave our shipment location at the end of august.

Depending on where you live the package will arrive within days of weeks at your place.


Expected around week 3 of August for first 500, end of August or first week of September for the rest

A bit of history

Although just ramping up there is already some history regarding the mount. Originally we did not plan for designing and manufacuring our own/custom Surfr. mount. The initial idea was to use and combine existing market products and provide that as a mounting solution to Surfr. users. The first order was 100 of these mounts from an American party and we started testing. The first tests went really well and it seems like the mount did the job. At this point we decided to launch the Surfr product video and announce Surfr. to the world and people started pre-ordering the mount on the website. Within a few days hundreds of pre-orders rolled in.

Below a picture of the mount v1. The rubbers where cut and glued manually, also the 3M tapes are punched in manually.

We started to ship these mounts to an inner circle of test riders and a first batch of users. Not long after that the first issues arise. A substantial percentage of the mount was letting water in. Only when very clean and closed in a specific manner water could be kept out. We decided that this mount/product was just not good enough. The main reason for the water leakage was the lack of clips on the side of the mount.

Time for plan B. For Plan B the idea was to create our own perfect Surfr. mount. This was an idea that already existed for months, but manufacturing an own mount requires a substantial investment. An investment we did not want to make before knowing how the Surfr. app would be received by ‘the market’. By now we knew that the market appreciated the Surfr. app above expectations. Beside the huge amount of pre-orders for the first mount we received a lot of positive feedback from the test-riders. That made us decide to really go for Plan B, aborting on Plan A.

With no no experience in plastic product production processes we had to find a partner that could help me with this and also was able to act really fast. After reaching out to quite some companies we found a party that acted fast and came up with some great ideas to improve the product. Within 2 weeks the new design for the mount was there and the first mount was 3D printed. But we are not there yet.. It’s a complicated process that needs it’s time. From design to product normally taking up to 3 months. Together with our partner we’re doing anything to speed up the process as much as possible. Because we can’t wait either and are looking forward to finally revolutionize the kiteboarding game & kiteboarding safety.

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