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The Surfr mount v2 installation instructions

Thank you!

Thank you for ordering the Surfr mount. We believe that we’re at the beginning of a digital kite boarding revolution. The possibilities from having your phone on your board are endless. Things like multi-player (available soon), board recovery,  onboard weather updates and safety features. Thank you for joining us on this journey and helping Surfr to be the best app available for kite boarders. We’re far from done yet, working with a whole team to push Surfr to the next level.

This is already our second version of the mount, but it will be the latest version for a while. It was a challenging process for us, manufacturing a new product. From design, till production, till distribution. Not everything in this process can be predicted which is why we experienced a few delays a long the way.

But now we’re there and you are about to experience a lot of extra fun on the water.

One thing though..

While we were already packing we found out an issue with the grips  (the grips are the two rubber bands that hold your phone on the tray). In the video below we explain how to use a temporary alternative solution while we are working with full focus to get this final issue resolved. Once it’s resolved we will send you the grips afterwards.

All the details on how to install and use the mount as well as the full story regarding the grips are elaborated in  the video below.