PRO – POP charts

Want to jump higher?

POP charts are crucial to get to improve your take-off and to jump higher. On this page we list some examples of GOOD and BAD pops so you can learn quickly how to read your own PRO data.

Fast and Aggresive pop

A POP of Mike Mac Donald

Here an example of how GHWM pops off the water. Notice how mike hits the green line (our recommended Edging) and how steep the drop is on the pop. The steeper the drop, the faster your pop of the water. Also notice that Mike goes from +60 degrees to minus 60 degrees, flipping the board strongly over its rail. Beginner take-offs often don’t go very negative and will reach somewhere between 0 and -20 degrees after takeoff.

Common beginner POP problem

Loosing your edge when sending kite

In this chart you see someone that is losing the edge while approaching the pop. To keep your edge, dig your butt lower to the water and get more leverage against the pull of the kite. Notice how this jump doesn't reach the green line, and the maximum edge of 51 degrees is reached on multiple occassions leading up to the jump (the red dots)

The POP chart is available only for PRO Board Mount users