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With Surfr PRO we're taking it multiple steps further. Learn and improve faster than ever with advanced features. Have a look at the video of GHWM where most PRO features are demonstrated.

Jump higher?

Get unparalleled insights in your jumps that will make you jump higher in no-time. Together with Mike Mac Donald (GHWM) we developed a model that focusses on the essential steps to get you jump higher.

Watch only

Get accurate measurements right on your wrist. You don't even need to bring your phone with you, all is done by the watch itself.

Multiplayer boost-offs with friends

Seeing your own hights is great, but being able to battle live -on the water- with your friends really steps up the game. Your friend lands a jump? See his/her height instandly on your board.

On board coaching

Our intelligent algorithms will tell you right from the board mount how to improve your kiting in order to jump higher and kite better.

More to come

Within these packages of functionalitites we will continue to push the sport further and deliver tools for riders to make insane progression while having more fun on and off the water!

Ready to level up? Get PRO right from the Surfr app