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Surfr. PRO

Based on our data we detected that you have an Apple Watch, but you are not using it for Surfr. That's a pity, as Surfr on the Apple Watch offers the best experience for session tracking on the water! To get you on board we prepared a unique offer for you.

Get 1 year of Surfr PRO for only

35 €/$

(instead of the normal price of 45 €/$)

As you by now probably know with an Apple Watch you can track your sessions with great precision, including your jumps, without the need for a phone.

But it does not stop there. Let us bring you up to speed with some of the new functionalities.

3D GPS / Jump Maps

Introducing the ALL NEW GPS:
From now on you are able to save high accuracy GPS data. After your session is uploaded from your watch you can now explore and relive your sessions with the interactive 3D maps.

Live Chat (eSIM)

If you have a watch with cellular connection, you can now use live chat functionality to communicate with your friends on and off the water.
This is not only incredible fun, but also enhances your safety when on the water.

Strava, GPX, Apple Health

Export your session with a single click to Strava or download your GPX file. Your session is also automatically saved to Apple Health.

Offline Session, Action Button & More

You can now save your session while not having an internet connection. We also added support for the Action button, so you can start and stop your session by simply pressing (a combination of) buttons. The update also allows you to select your activity and gear before the session.

Multiplayer / Coaching (Q1 2024)

But this is not it yet..

We are already working on the next release. Soon you will be able to engage in multiplayer games with your friends on the water (eSIM required).

We are also working on On-board coaching where the watch will give you direct feedback on how to jump higher, based on Artificial Intelligence.

Isn't it about "time" to join the watch revolution?