Wind direction help

How do you set the right wind direction?

Some of the recommendations in Jump Insights are based on wind direction, therefor it is important to set the wind direction correctly

Validating the wind direction

To get accurate recommendations on to how jump higher, the app asks you to validate the wind direction.

On this page we will give an example of a session where the wind direction that has been set wrong and also an example of a session where the wind direction has been set correct.

Example of a wrong wind direction

When setting the wind direction, always take the average direction you have been riding. On this wrong example the wind direction (white arrow) is not pointing straight down wind. TIP: You can drag the image to get a better example. This might be helpful in case of a downwinder for example.

Example of a correct set wind direction

Based on the GPS tracking lines, the wind direction (white arrow) has been set to the average riding angle. The white arrow should be perpendicular to the riding directions.
A secondary check can be made by looking at the red and green angle. These should indicate the direction of the right tack (green arrow) and the left tack (red arrow).

In this case the correct wind direction was 247 degrees. Now hit the button "Confirm wind direction" and you can start analysing your session.