Surfr. The ultimate app for kiteboarders.

The App For Watersports

Surfr is the ultimate ‘spot’ and place to be for kiteboarder, windsurfers, wingfoilers and more.

Of course Surfr can track your kite sessions and jumps in great detail but it does not stop there. Socialize with more than 60.000 other kiteboarders, discover new places to kite and boost your progression with in-depth analysis.

Just the way you want it!

You can use Surfr in whatever way is convenient to you. Each of them having there own characteristics. ​

The Surfr. App For Watches

Get all the metrics right on your wrist. No phone needed for accurate session tracking on the water. The Surfr. app is available for Apple Watches, Android Watches and Garmin watches.

For Phones / Board mount

Enjoy the full experience including life feedback, multiplayer boost-off and much more by using the Surfr Board mount.

For phones / Wetsuit mode

Recording in “wetsuit mode” using a waterproof pouch is the perfect solution for many kiters, especially those kiting in colder climates. We tested a range of pouches and found one that fits neatly in your wetsuit and keeps your phone safe.

The ultimate kite app

Surfr was the very first app to accurately track jump heights with just a phone. It still is, but we have expanded beyond only tracking, becoming the go-to app for every kiteboarder.

Track your sessions

Whatever you want to know about your session, the Surfr app tracks it in the most accurate way. Jumps, speed, distance and much more!

Stay Safe

Taking Surfr with you ensures you are traceable and improves your safety on the water.


In live-mode, your friends and family can follow your sessions right from the beach or at home.

Discover places

With Surfr Discover we collected tons of valuable spot information and thousands of reviews from fellow kiteboarders to help you find your next kite destination.

Socialize and connect

Connect with like-minded people on the fastest growing kite app.


Surfr is the go-to app for every big-air competition around the World. Trusted by the Big Air Kite League and the Global Kite Association for it's accuracy and live scoring.


With Surfr PRO, we’re taking it even further. Starting from €3,75 per month, you will have access to a range of advanced features that will make you progress even faster.

But don't take our word for it


The future is here!

This is the best app in kitesurfing, hands down. The jump height metrics are super accurate, the app is easy and fun to use and the team is insanely sharp. I highly recommend it. It’s only a matter of time before everyone is using it!

Mike MacDonald, founder Big air kite league


Surfr. is just on it!

You don’t even notice that you carry a device with you that accurately measures all metrics of your jumps. Everything is on your phone that’s secured in a waterproof pouch and tucked away in your wetsuit. It’s easy, comfortable and accurate!​

Giel Vlugt, Professional Big air kiteboarder


Fun, accurate, revolutionary, ..

Or even don’t take their word for it but instead trust 25.000+ users that got into the app over the last 2 years and left almost only positive reviews in the stores.​

99% of active users rate the app 5*****

Trusted by Coaches, competitions, brands & riders

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