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IPhone: Iphone 5s and higher.

Android phone:

All phones having a gyroscope and an accelerometer available are in theory suitable for the Surfr app. You can find this in the specifications of the phone. Here we have a list for you of most popular android phones on Surfr that have tracked the most sessions WITH jumps.

Our experiences with different brands:

  • Motorola. Our favorite. Cheap phones, long battery live. We especially love the G series. In the G series you can buy a phone for 130-140 euro that will work perfectly fine, and the battery will last for days. Don’t take the Motorola E series, don’t take the G Play series, those are budget phones that don’t have a gyroscope. 
  • Samsung. Works fine. We have tested with Galaxy S7 and newer
  • Xiaomi. Works but requires setting up battery permission. Have a look here
  • Huawei. Works but requires setting up battery permissions. Have a look here

Please note that even within one brand there are sometimes phones that lack a gyroscope. For example within Motorola there is some really cheap phones (E Series) and some of them don’t have a gyro. Please look up the specifications of the phone before deciding what to buy. It needs to explicitly say that is has a gyroscope and a accelerometer. It’s always a good idea to check your choice with the list of popular phones mentioned above.

  • If you buy a <200 eur phone they might have both sensors, they might not have it.
  • If you buy a phone in the higher pricing segment, they will always have the sensors.


Android watch:

At the moment Android watch is in beta and we only tested a Galaxy 4, 5 and 6 ourselves. Galaxy 4 is working, but battery drains quickly (3-5 hours of session tracking on full battery). It’s the cheapest option though to get started. Galaxy 5 and 6, especially the PRO lasts significantly longer.

We don’t recommend buying another watch at this moment than the Galaxy watch because it might not work as expected. We will inform you here as soon as possible once we have tested with more watches. At the moment we know the following:

  • Ticwatch PRO. Unfortunately it looks that recent Ticwatches are not working because of limitations that the manufacturer has put on the Ticwatch sensors. Crazy enough older Ticwatches seem to work. As far as we can see from our data the Ticwatch PRO 3, E2, C2+, E3, S2 are working – we have user seen posting sessions with jumps on this watches. We do not have confirmation with regards to the Ticwatch 4 and 5, but it looks like they are not working. The issue is that Mobvoi limits the Hertz (frequency) of the sensors to 50 on their latest watch models, but Surfr.AI needs 100 hertz for accurate calculations. For a better experience we recommend the following: Open the Surfr app on your watch, go to Settings and enable Auto Waterlock as well as Always On. This will make sure the app will work optimal.
  • Google Pixel Watch. We made good progression with the support for Pixel watch and this is now working. Open the Surfr app on your Pixel watch, go to Settings and enable Auto Waterlock as well as Always On. This will make sure the app will work optimal (info updated feb 2024).
  • Xiaomi Watch. This watch is confirmed not to be working. Although it has the right sensors on board, the accelerometer only provides data at 50 measurements per second. Surfr needs at least 100 measurements per second to ensure accuracy.

We don’t recommend buying any other watches than the watches that are confirmed by us on this page, as it might not work as expected.

Apple watch:

We tested with Apple Watch 4 and higher. Also the cheaper SE watch works fine.

Garmin watch:

As of 07-02-2024 we are now supporting Garmin watches. The Surfr. app is available to most Garmin watches (over 90 models), but we distinguish two types of compatability. Around 35 watches are fully compatible (Surfr.AI support) with the Surfr. App, and +- 60 watches have basic compatibility (Surfr.AI not supported). More information, and a list of watches you will find here

We are working closely with Garmin to get more watches to be fully compatible, but we are dependent on Garmin to release software updates for those watches. More information you find on 

We also encourage you to VOTE for more support by liking the pinned comment on our YT video, as we will use this in our communication with Garmin to get more priority to this matter.

Why is Surfr.AI not available for watches that offer only basic compatibility? This is because for high accuracy Jump calculation Surfr.AI needs 100 measurements per second (hertz) of the watch’ sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope). This is not available yet to the watches that we have listed as basis compatible. 

Garmin still needs to bring out software updates to unlock this 100 hertz  those watches, because they are currently still stuck at 25 hertz. Unfortunately if and when they will do so, is out of our control. The good news is that we are in contact with the right people in the Garmin team, and we are in (almost) daily contact with them about progress on this issue. As soon as we know more, you will be the first one to know. 

We don’t recommend buying an Android Watch for your iPhone. Apple Watches are in general superior to Android watches. They have better hardware and are perfectly compatible with your iPhone and the Surfr app.

If you do want to buy an Android Watch for your iPhone, make sure the manufacturer claims that it’s compatible with the iPhone. 

The Surfr Wear OS app does not require an Android phone by itself. In other words: you can install Surfr on a Android Watch without having a phone at all. As long as the watch has the Android Playstore available you will be able to find the Surfr app there. Make sure the watch is compatible though with the Surfr app, see elsewhere in this FAQ.

First of all make sure that you jump higher than 3 meters. Low jumps might be missed more easily. Another common problem is that the Surfr app get’s killed by certain operating systems. This applies mostly to ‘Chinese’ phone brands, such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo and Huawai. Click your brand to get more information. 

Other tips:

  • Always lock your phone when used in wetsuit
  • For wetsuit/pouch use, face screen outwards

Jump distance is calculated based in GPS data. Sometimes this data is not accurate enough and in that case we are ignoring it, resulting in no distance for a particular jump.

The accuracy and availability of GPS can differ from place to place, and from day to day. Weather has an impact on GPS as well. 

In case you miss all the GPS data in your session, including your track, have a check if your GPS is actually working for example with Google Maps. If issues persist, please contact us to help you out.

If calibration of your device fails, please have a look at the page that we created with tips for calibration. 

FAQ: Why Does My Apple Watch App Close or Go Back to the Main Watch Face?

Issue: Your Apple Watch app unexpectedly closes or returns to the main watch face.

Primary Cause: This issue typically occurs when your Apple Watch has a passcode enabled and loses contact with your wrist.

Explanation: The Apple Watch is designed with security features that activate when it detects it’s no longer being worn. If you have a passcode enabled, the watch locks itself and reverts to the main watch face as soon as it loses contact with your skin. This can happen in situations like:

  1. Removing the watch from your wrist: Apple’s security feature detects that the watch is not on you anymore and locks it, leading to the closure of the open app.

  2. Wearing the watch over a wetsuit: In this case, the watch can’t detect your wrist due to the layer of the wetsuit, triggering the same security response.

Background Recording: It’s important to note that while the display may revert to the main watch face, apps like Surfr may continue recording data in the background.


  1. Wear the Watch Directly on Your Skin: This ensures that the watch maintains contact with your wrist, preventing the security feature from activating.

  2. Disable the Passcode: Removing the passcode bypasses this security feature, but do consider the potential security risks before doing so.

  3. Enable Always On (Android). In the settings it’s possible to enable Always On. This is a nice feature that will keep the display always on and focussed on Surfr. It will use a bit more battery, but it can resolve this issue in some cases. 

Note: Unfortunately, these are the only solutions, as this behavior is part of Apple’s security measures designed to protect your data and personal information. There are no alternatives to circumvent this feature without compromising security.