Which devices are compatible?

IPhone: Iphone 5s and higher. 

Android phone:

All phones having a gyroscope and an accelerometer available are in theory suitable for the Surfr app. You can find this in the specifications of the phone. Here we have a list for you of most popular android phones on Surfr that have tracked the most sessions WITH jumps

Since Surfr 2.AI all phone brands give similar accuracy and consistency, cheap or expensive does not affect accuracy. 

Our experiences with different brands: 

  • Motorola. Our favorite. Cheap phones, long battery live. We especially love the G series. 
  • Samsung. Works fine. We have tested with Galaxy S7 and newer
  • Xiaomi. Works but requires setting up battery permission. Have a look here 
  • Huawei. Works but requires setting up battery permissions. Have a look here

Please note that even within one brand there are sometimes phones that lack a Gyroscope. For example within Motorola there is some really cheap phones and some of them don’t have a gyro. Please look up the specifications of the phone before deciding what to buy. It needs to explicitly say that is has a gyroscope and a accelerometer. It’s always a good idea to check your choice with the list of popular phones mentioned above. 

  • If you buy a <200 eur phone they might have both sensors, they might not have it.
  • If you buy a phone in the higher pricing segment, they will always have the sensors. 

Android watch:

At the moment Android watch is in beta and we only tested a Galaxy 4 and Galaxy 5 ourselves. Galaxy 4 is working, but battery drains quickly (within a few hours). It’s the cheapest option though to get started. We also only tested at the moment with Round face watches, so if you buy a square Android watch this might cause issues. We will support square watches soon as well. 

If you want to buy another watch then a Galaxy watch make sure that (you can find this in the specifications):

  • The watch runs on Wear OS as operating system. 
  • The watch has a gyroscope and an accelerometer
  • IP certified -> waterproof!
  • Dont buy watches below 100 E, the chances are high that it will nog have enough calculation power to run Surfr 2.AI. 

Apple watch:

We tested with Apple Watch 4 and higher. Also the cheaper SE watch works fine. 

Garmin watch:

Most of the Garmin watches have the right sensors on board but Garmin does not fully allow third party app  developers to communicate with those sensors (yet). This means, that despite the correct sensors on board, it’s not possible to develop accurate height tracking on the Garmin. More information about this coming soon.


If a device or brand or version is not mentioned, does not mean they don’t work. Please let us know if you have a watch working that is not mentioned and we can add it here.