Ready for more fun?

Go for multiplayer boost-offs with as many of your friends as you want and get their heights straight on your board.

Don't leave the water till you beat your friends

A multiplayer boost-off in Cape Town

The SpaceX Kiteboarding crew went out and had an incredible good time with the multiplayer function of the Surfr App. Stijn, Marijn and Michiel went out for a battle. Whoever looses takes the Ice bath. Have a look yourself to see how this played out!

Multiplayer is fun on another level

Connect to your friends on the water

When we designed the board mount, this idea was in the back of our heads already. How cool would it be to battle live with friends? ​

Share the fun!

Thanks to your cellular connection on the water we can communicate. Showing the heights of your friends when they land a jump in front of you!

Be the Number One!

Get the live ranking direct on your board and know if you can leave the water or that you have to push a little more to take the top of the leaderboard.

Friend arrival!

The multiplayer also functions as a friend arrival notification. Are you on a crowded spot? As soon as your arrived friends lands a jump you will see the jump on your board.

PRO + Board mount = Kiteboarders dream

It doesn’t get better than having a board mount and being able to enjoy the board features of Surfr PRO. ​