Pouch info

Wetsuit pouch

Thanks for ordering the Surfr pouch!

Phone placement

How do you take your phone with you in wetsuit mode?

Recording your sessions in wetsuit mode is a very easy method to get accurate jump results. To record your sessions in wetsuit mode you have bought a pouch. Simply place your phone in the pouch, close the pouch up by closing all the seals and finish up by closing the velcro. Next, you place the pouch behind the front-zip if you have one. In case you have a back-zip wetsuit you can cary the phone in your wetsuit as well. If you are riding in warmer climates and you are not wearing a wetsuit then you can place the phone behind your impact vest of lycra.

IMPORTANT: make sure your phone is not able to move around. It needs the by snug against your body in order to get acurate jump results.

MAintaining your pouch

Look after your pouch and it will last a very long time.

The pouches require very little maintainence but as you do with all your kite gear you should check the pouch on any potontiale damages and clean the pouch every now and then.
Do a visual check of the pouch everytime time you are using it. Carfully check al the edges on any small cracks or rips.
It might happen that the pouch gets gets cloudy. Clean out the pouch with water and soap to keep a clear vision on the screen.