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Apple – iOS 15

iOS 15 – Guided Access (updated 12-01-2022)
Please use the Guided Acces feature if you have updated your phone to iOS 15. Find all info bellow.

Guided Access
If it still doesn’t work, or you keep experiencing missing jumps, there is only one solution left and that is to use the Guided Access feature on the iPhone. With guided access enabled you DON’T turn off the screen when recording in wetsuit, instead you keep the screen turned ON. In order to prevent the app from getting exited by unwanted touches you then turn on the Guided Access feature which will make sure the app can’t close unintentional. More information on how to enable this can be found on the website of Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202612


On most iPhones Surfr works just fine. But in wetsuit mode, where the screen is turned off, the Surfr app sometimes stops unexpectedly. Please note this only applies to Wetsuit mode. If you use the Surfr app in a board mount you should not have any of this problems, since the Surfr app will get full priority when the screen is turned on.

Solution for wetsuit mode recording problems:

For iPhones this can most of the time be resolved in 2 ways. First of all make sure GPS permission is on ‘Always’. If you disallow GPS there is a big chance Surfr can’t run properly in the background. Also make sure to LOCK your screen before stowing the phone away in your wetsuit. Make sure your screen can’t unlock itself, but only with face recognition or a pattern/pin. Finally make sure the phone is secured in your wetsuit/impact vest. A bouncing phone around your neck will not work properly.