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Board mount, watches, pouches. It’s a lot. Have a look at this page to learn the key differences between the different options. Need more help or personal advice? Send us a message through the contact form.​
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Tracking feature differences Watch vs Phone

Let’s start right of the bat with a feature overview related to the tracking features: what you can see/do on the water, what is tracked and what you can do with the tracked information. We do this per tracking option and we distinguish:

  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin Fully compatible watches (60 watches). Read more about full vs basic compat, right here. 
  • Garmin basis compatible watches (20 watches)
  • Android Wear (e.g. Galaxy Watch)
  • Phone – wetsuit. For when you take your (old) phone to the water in your wetsuit
  • Phone – board. For when you take your (old) phone to the water in the Surfr. Board mount.

After this overview there is an other one that focus on the App features, which showcases the main features available in the Surfr. App. Those features are the same for all recording methods.

Tracking featues Apple Watch Garmin Fully compat. Garmin Basic compat. Android Wear For phone – wetsuit For phone – board
GPS tracking
Surfr.AI heights on the water
Surfr.AI jumps available in the Surfr. App (afterwards)
Indicative heights on the water & in Garmin Connect N/A N/A N/A N/A
On board coaching N/A ✅*
Live chat / communication N/A N/A
Downwinder support (guidance) N/A N/A
Modular display N/A N/A
Advanced button support N/A N/A
Live broadcasting to Surfr Live ✅, with eSim ✅, with eSim YES, with eSim ✅, with eSim
Multiplayer Not yet Not yet Not yet ✅*
Ease of use Easiest Average Average Easiest Average Dedicated (board mount)
Board edging measurement ✅*
Needs PRO subscription Not yet
Phone needed?
Extras Requires pouch Requires board mount

App features

The following features are general available in the Surfr app, independent of which device you are using to record your session. The features marked with a * are part of the Surfr. PRO subscription. 

  • Session overview
  • Session details (jump details/chart, liking, comment, interact)
  • Private account (protect your privacy)
  • Personal insights (statistics based on your kites and sessions)*
  • Social networking (connect with friends and gain a following)
  • Live (seeing who is live and where people are live)
  • Surfr Discover (explore spots around the world)
  • Session export to Strava*
  • PRO insights per session*
  • Session export to GPX*
  • Leaderboards (battle for your position on the different leaderboards, Surfr features leaderboard per sport, per spot, per country, per continent and more)
  • Safety: Track/trace people/boards back
  • Personal gear management


Quick, easy while supporting almost all features

Watch out for getting blown away

Everybody that tried a watch consistently confirms that this is one of the most amazing ways to take Surfr on the water. Having a display on your wrist and getting direct feedback on your riding is a very fun and educational experience. 

To us the watch is currently the best way to bring Surfr to the Water.

Let’s sum up of the key characteristic’s of the watch experience:

  • Level: Suitable for all riding levels
  • Investment: Requires a one-time watch investment of around 200-300€ . Also requires Surfr PRO 3.75 €/$ per month in case of an annual subscription 
  • Watches: support for Apple Watch, Android watch and Garmin watch* 
  • Display: Live display on your wrist
  • Available PRO features: Personal insights, Jump insights, on-board coaching. Multiplayer (eSim) will soon be available.
  • Not available PRO feature: board edging (see Board mount)
  • Requires a good wristband for your watch to avoid losing it.  
  • Recommended to everyone that has a watch but is now using wetsuit/pouch mode
*See the FAQ for more information about recommended watches and key differences between Apple/Android/Garmin.
Shortest path to higher jumps

All in with the Board mount (phone required)

The Board mount is an amazing way of enjoying the Surfr App. We think the board mount is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders. To them the board mount offers a way to quickly learn and improve and to start jumping higher. If you are an advanced or PRO riders doing board-offs and more, a board mount might bother your actions and you probably will prefer the Watch or Pouch/Wetsuit mode. Let’s list up some of the key features of the board mount: ​

  • Level: Best for beginners to intermediate riders that want to learn how to jump higher
  • Investment: 69€ as a one-time payment to get your hands on the board mount 
  • Display: Biggest display possible on your board
  • Free: Session tracking 100% FREE
  • Available PRO features: personal insights, jump insights, on-board coaching and multiplayer
  • Board edging tracking: This is very important to learn to jump higher and is only available with a Board mount and Surfr PRO
Just take the device you already have

Pouch/Wetsuit (phone required)

If you don’t have a watch and you don’t want anything on your board, there is one more option. Just put your phone in a waterproof pouch and take it with you on the water. This option works best in countries where you wear a wetsuit. If you are just kiting in your shorts or bikini’s pouch mode is not recommended because the phone will bounce round on your neck. If you use a tight impact vest it can also work well, since you can fit the pouch either in your impact vest or in your wetsuit. ​

  • Level: Suitable for all riding levels
  • Display:  No display but live height based on spoken text. This might be harder to hear depending on conditions
  • Investment: Session tracking 100% FREE,  in case you don’t want to use your own phone you can buy one for approx. 130-140 € 
  • Available PRO features: Personal insights, Jump Insights
  • Not available PRO features: no onboard-coaching, no multiplayer (you can join a multiplayer, but you will not get feedback because there is no display)
  • Only investment you need to do is buying a good waterproof pouch, that we sell right here
  • In case you don’t want to take any risk we recommend using a waterproof or spare phone.

The phone/wetsuit experience is definitely less exiting than the Board Mount or Watch experience. It’s a cheap/fast way to get started, but if you want to kickstart your progression and have the maximum fun we recommend either the Board mount or a Watch for the full experience.​