When Artificial Intelligence Meets Kiteboarding

Accuracy is our number one priority. Although the previous versions did already a good job, we needed to step it up. With bringing AI into our algorithms, the next step up in Jump Recognition, Accuracy and Consistency has arrived. ​

100% Jump Recognition

Surfr.AI is using artificial intelligence to improve on jump recognition and accuracy. With AI we believe we will get up to 100% jump recognition over time, we are already getting pretty close (> 98%).

Unparalleled consistency

All devices with give similar results with Surfr.AI. It will not matter for accuracy if you take a phone on your board or in your wetsuit, or a watch on your wrist.

New levels of accuracy

Surfr.AI further improves the accuracy of height measurement. With great precision we will track your travel through space in every detail. To accomplish this we completely reinvented the way we are dealing with your device sensors.

Unique 9-axis calibration

To accomplish consistency across devices, and across brands we introduced a new way of calibrating devices.

About the project

There is no such thing as a ‘height’ sensor in your phone. If that was only true we would have a much simpler project. We invested hundreds of days (and nights) in our proprietary algorithms to detect and calculate your jumps with the highest precision. The accuracy is not determined by your devices sensors, but mostly by the algorithm that runs on top of the device sensors. The quality of this algorithm will also define the consistency between devices.

We went out with tons of devices and compared all the results while tweaking our algorithms. Finally, 6 months after we started the Surfr.AI project, we finally launched it in June 2023.

Is it perfect now? No not yet, but we are already getting incredible results as shown below. Beside that, with AI as the foundation the algorithm will keep learning and improving and will only get better over time.
Herbert, founder of Surfr, going out with Board mount, 2 phones in Wetsuit mode and 2 watches (Apple, Android) for a Surfr.AI test session.

We went out for hundreds of sessions and made thousands of jumps. From straight jumps till double loops with board-offs and rotations. Here a selection of our sessions that demonstrates the accuracy and consistency of Surfr.AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the board mount more accurate?

No. The algorithms of Surfr accomplish similar accuracy across all devices

How accurate is it?

Calculating height is a very complicated process and it’s not an exact science. Everybody or company that claims that, is not telling the truth. So Surfr will give you a very good impression of your jump heights, and we have validated our results as much as possible. Accuracy is also influenced by a lot of variables. For example to calculate the height of a straight jump will be more accurate than a jump with multiple inverse rotations. This is why we continuously test and use our algorithms in competitions as well, where PRO riders put Surfr to the ultimate test. 

I got a strange jump in my session, how is that possible?

We have recently release Surfr.AI and this will likely have some small teething problems. We are closely monitoring the sessions and will remove suspicious jumps while further improving and training Surfr.AI. 

What is next for

We will keep improving and training Surfr.AI to get better and better. In the end we believe we will reach 100% jump recognition and even higher consistency then we currently already see. Stay tuned!

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